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Charts with jQuery in PHP

I need to make bar graphs (which are pretty ideally) in a php page from the parameters
entered on a form. according to the result to generate a
graph which can be seen on page or a page as

my question is, if I can recommend to any or some jquery plug in
another language that is easy to implement .. or if anyone has any
easy to understand tutorial (faq ) to use it and generate the graphics.

thank you very much
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Hi there

with jQuery you got tons of chart/graph options available, most of them producing quite beautiful output, that is pleasant to the eye (and customizable of course). Some examples: (basically a way to utilize the google api)

There are more out there, but I suppose these can give you a pretty good idea of your options.
In terms of easy of use and good looking results I always use this
@Terry_focus, flot looks great! This might not be my question, but I learned about something really nice!

I've used it in a few apps and it is really that good, if you want to do something on the fly like this it is the shizzle. The only problem is saving the images if you want to put them in a document to download