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How do i send a re-occuring email through Microsoft Dynamic CRM 4.0 that can be sent out periodically until there is a seperate trigger (field that is changed) so that the workflow stops and the email is no longer sent out
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Feridun Kadir

8/22/2022 - Mon
Feridun Kadir

You could have a workflow that sends an e-mail, waits for period of time and then calls itself as a child workflow.

That would set up the recurring part.

To provide a stop I would add a test in the workflow that checks the value of the field and if set to the appropriate value run the stop workflow action. So the workflow would be something like this:

Check condition (test the relevant field)
if set to whatever value stop workflow
otherwise send e-mail, timeout for recurring period and then run this workflow

Hope this makes senses.

I agree with feridun. For some details, you may want to chck this out. There is a similar question I just answered with regard to this. link below:



how does the child workflow part apply to this, where would i put that information. also the first step, check condition- i am not sure i need this part...
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William Peck
Feridun Kadir

Have a look at this question https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/25129155/Setup-a-case-to-automatically-generate-every-21days-in-Microsoft-CRM.html

What I am proposing is a workflow that checks a field to see if it should run, sends an email, waits for a period of time and then calls itself to run again.

For a workflow to be able to call itself it has to be marked as available to run as a child workflow.

The check condition was to deal with your requirement for a trigger that stops the workflow - assuming that the trigger would be someone changing the content of a field on the form.

You also need to consider what will start the workflow for a given record in the first instance - manual or automatic.

Please look at the workflow below, for some reason it wont let me publish... I am not sure what I am doing wrong... any thoughts?
Feridun Kadir

The start workflow line seems to be the problem.  Try picking the name of the child workflow again using the lookup button and then save the workflow.

We need the red circle with the cross to disappear before the workflow can be published.

I also have two comments:

1) Is the last if statement correctly placed? Although I don't what you are needing to achieve I wonder if the If statement should be before the Start Child workflow line
2) I notice you record attributes change ticked. Depending on which attributes you have selected this runs the risk of the workflow being invoked multiple times - each time one of the attributes selected changes value.
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I was able to get rid of the red circle, thank you for that..

1. I need the workflow to reoccur until a different field called file condition no longer contains open.  Once file condition is changed i need the workflow to stop.  Should i put the start child workflow as my last step then?

2.  The record attribute is ticked on 2 fields; "ISS Negotiator" and "Agent Package Recieved"
But i have check conditions that states that both iss negotiator and agent package recieved need to be filled out in order for the workflow to start working and an email to be sent out every week.  does that make sense?

3.  the first 2 check conditions and the email... are they in the right format or do they need to be seperated into 3 seperate things.. meaning i would check condition twice seperatley and create and email with no relation between the 3
Feridun Kadir

In response to 1:

If the workflow shouldn't run at all if the file condition is not open then put the test at the very top and add the stop action. If the workflow should run at  least once then I would suggest testing the attribute, stopping the workflow if it is not open and then use an otherwise(default) condition to start the child workflow.

2. Yes it does make sense - but the remaining steps starting with timeout will always run because they are outside the test. If that isn't what you want you'll need to add an otherwise step to the If statement to stop the workflow.

3. What you have written says that the e-mail will be sent only if ISS negotiator contains data and Agent Package recieved  contains data. It sounds as if this is what you want (but see my comments in 2).

This is what i have come up with now... basically i want the workflow to work until the file condition isn't open... i have tested this one out but it is not working... any idea whats wrong? maybe its not in the right order?
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William Peck
Feridun Kadir

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