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Windows 7 KMS Activation and "Cloned" Clients

Windows 7 Enterprise clients not activating with error message from our KMS saying that the count reported by KMS is not sufficient.  I know we need at least 25, and we have 26.  On each  of the workstations, I have run the following commands:

slmgr /skms servername (returns a success confirmation)
slmgr /ato (returns the insufficient count error)

Several (14) of the workstations have been cloned and then renamed before connecting to the KMS - could the cloning cause and issue?

12 of the workstations are laptops and they are not all always connected to our LAN - do I need 25 concurrent connections to reach the 25 minimum?

Running slmgr /dli on the KMS server (a Windows 2003 system) reports a Current Count of only 16 - I have spent the morning running the slmgr commands on 26 workstations all of which returned the insufficient count error message.

Is there any way to determine which workstations have been recognized by KMS and which have not?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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The IDs are not the same.

I kept adding more systems (both cloned and fresh installs) and it eventually got up to 25 - there did not seem to be any logic in which systems caused the count to increase.

KMS acknowledged 25 after I had joined 36.  All but one of the 36 were able to activate  - no idea why the one cannot.

It helped me eliminate a possible cause, but still don't understand why it happened