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Island mode in Lotus Notes 8.0.2

Hi all, I upgraded the client version of Lotus Notes from version 6.5.4 to version 8.0.2. The problem I am having is Island Mode. If I try to use the program using Island Mode, it says "Unable to find path to server." The problem is that the "Location", which is what Island is referred to as in Lotus Notes, is pointing to the server and not the Local replica.

There is a local replica on the computer, I just cannot figure out how to get it to point to the Local Replica, and understand even less why its so hard to figure out.

In version 6.5.4, I used to be able to set the location by clicking in the bottom right hand corner where it says "Island Mode", and select Edit Location. However, for some reason it got totally changed in version 8.0.2, and when I select Edit Location, I get a box that looks like it wants me to add a contact. Please help me change the location of the Island Mode to Local so that I can use it. I've attached a picture of what it looks like when I select "Edit this Location".

Thank you in advance.
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Open your Contacts (local names.nsf) and click Advanced at the left. A new outline will open with... Locations. Click it to open the Locations view. It's the old-fashioned way to get to all the Locations in your Notes configuration.
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You should refresh the design on the local names.nsf database (which is what stores locations and connections).

stop and start notes to check.

If that doesn't workyou should replace the design.  

stop and start notes to check.

Island mode can never connect to a server, as its a location without connections.  This is on purpose. If you want to connect to a server, do not use Island mode. By the way, if you have an icon of the database on your workspace, you can still select that icon and use File:Replcation:Find Replica... to find the replica on 'Local'.
@Ryan80: any progress?
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sorry i am taking so long, it is just that i am very unfamiliar with Notes.
it was mentioned before but you need to replace the design on the personal address book. for some reason it did not get replaced during the upgrade.

Open the address book, go to File->Application->Replace design and find the personal address book template (can't remember if it is under advanced or not)

Also, if you don't see replace design you need to enable advanced menus under view at the top