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Can't Telnet new Exchange 2007 Installation

Had a consultant install and configure Exchange 2007 internally for my network. Everything seems in place, but am not able to 'end map' it. It won't accept a telnet request from outside the network over the cloud.
Here's the setup:
1. Had my ISP create a static/NATTED address on the router. They also opened all ports.
2. Created a policy in firewall to allow all traffic from WAN to LAN on this IP address, including all services.
NAT is run on router. I am able to ping this server from across the cloud, but no telnet traffic at all.
Server is Windows 2003 running Exchange 2007.
I'm fresh out of ideas.

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Are you actually trying to access a telnet server on port 23, or are you trying to access the SMTP server on port 25?
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