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ruby logic question with arrays and hashes

Hi there,  I need to manipulate a hash so that I can get a list of names with their projects.  

Right now I'm doing this in console

As you can see... in the final output there is no first project for name1 anymore, because second project overwrote the first one.  I need to append it in a way where I don't loose the first project.  

How can I do that?
>> elist = {}
=> {}
>> elist["name1"] = {:projects => ["first project"]}
=> {:projects=>["first project"]}
>> elist["name2"] = {:projects => ["first project"]}
=> {:projects=>["first project"]}
>> elist["name1"] = {:projects => ["second project"]}
=> {:projects=>["second project"]}
>> elist
=> {"name1"=>{:projects=>["second project"]}, "name2"=>{:projects=>["first project"]}}

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Thats a nice way to solve it.  I guess my mind was too much mush at the end of the day to pull out the OR EQUALS

I was actually able to do it this way too...

elist[id] = {:name => id, :project => []} unless elist.has_key?(id) 
elist[id][:project]  <<

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