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RMAN backup is generating huge amount of files

I use RMAN for backup since long time and it was generating 5 .bkp files. But from last few days it is generating 17 .bkp files due to which my /backup partition gets 95% full.
What could be the reason  ?
What is the solution for this ?
I have restarted the RMAN catalog once, still the problem remains and generates 17 files. I do check and delete the expired archivlog and backups on daily basis.
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Franck Pachot
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Did you check the size of your database and the size of archived logs ?
Is it an incremental backup ?
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The size of my database is 31.364 GB and the files generated through RMAN is total 37.14 GB.
Not checked the archived logs. But as you asked about it, I kept only 15 days old files. Earlier when I asked the question there were around 35 days old files also.

The backup is incremental FULL backup.
how many data files you have in the database? it seems you have changed the RMAN backup script and now for each datafile it is creating a separate backup piece
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no. I have not changed the backup script.
But is it possible that if I keep archivelog files (.dbf ) for longer time (if i do not remove or crosscheck archivelog files), my overall backup file generation through RMAN will increase....??
yes. but why you want the older files to be present on disk. once they are backed up by RMAN, let RMAN remove them. in this way you will save disk space also
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so according to you, if I keep the archivelog files (.dbf) only for 7 days, I can still increase the free space...?? I mean the number of backup files and their size will be reduced...??
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Thanks Fayyaz:. Infact the clue which you gave me to remove unnecessary archivelog files solved my problem. Today the /backup partition after RMAN backup is just 62% full.
Thank a lot.