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How to connect a disconnected mailbox...who is not in disconnected mailbox container

Dear All,

This is my Scenario:

1) i moved a mailbox from exchange 2000 to exchange 2007 sp1 and never logged in.
2) then i disabled that mailbox from exchange console, but as this mailbox has never been logged in so i cannot see this mailbox in disconnected mailboxes
3) then i  give command in shell

Enable-Mailbox -Identity Domain\User -Database Server\DatabaseName

4) but i could not able to connect that user to mailbox because mailbox was not in disconnected mailboxes.
5)but then that user gets mail, and his NEW mailbox created and now this user is connected to new mailbox

now when i give command Get-MailboxStatistics i can see two mailboxes from the same user one is with 3 items (new one) and one is with 1300 items (old one)

i tried to run command

Clean-MailboxDatabase 'Mailbox Database'

if database is mounted then this command don't give any error but did nothing, and if i dismount the mailbox database and stop Microsoft exchange information store then it gives error something like that database not found in AD.

i can see old mailbox from exchange 2000 console also as a disconnected mailbox

Can you please tell me how should i connect old mailbox to this new user?

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no i havn't tried this...but i  dont want to create RSG, is there any other method to get invisible disconnected mailbox :)
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thanx for reply...i will check it and let you know by tommorrow
thanx jjmck;

problem has been sorted out. i reconnect it from exchange 2000 console and it is successfull. but something was strange as in exchange 2000 console it was showing mailbox in exchange 2007 console where as in exchange 2007 console it was showing me as legacy mailbox. after reconnecting it i moved it to exchange 2000 from exchange 2007 console and everything was fine.....thanx again for your support