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Citrix IMA Service takes 10-15mins to start

Hello everyone.

We have two Citrix XenApp 5.0 zones (two servers in each zone) connected by a 2mb VPN link. (ping response is about 55ms).

All is fine except that the IMA service in the remote zone (remote from the licensing and data store) takes anywhere between 10-15mins to restart.

I have looked at CTX120467 and after some testing I found that by deleting the HKLM/Citrix/MSLicensing key, the IMA service does indeed restart very quickly.

Two questions:

1. Why would deleting this key cause such a dramatic reduction in start up time?
2. Does anyone know of a more permanent solution, other than remembering to delete this key every time i need to restart the Citrix server?

As usual, its hard to believe that a common issue such as this has not been addressed better.

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This is a common problem when using citrix servers at remote sites without a local database copy. 10-15mins is not that bad i have seen servers take 1 hr before. You have two options,

Firstly you can replicated the database to the remote site this will make the IMA server startup as usual as the servers are not going over your VPN to contact the datastore.

Secondly run a database cleanup using the DScheck utility, Then recreate the local host cache on all your servers. This should drop the time to a few minutes. please see the below link on how to use this tool.

Kind Regards
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Hi Chris. Thanks for the reply.

I was holding back on replicating the db until we had exhausted any other avenues.

We did try the DScheck option, but this did not report any errors (whatever option we chose) and I did not want to run any cleanups unnecessarily.

Does anyone know why this one key (which only has a couple of small entries) causes such a headache?
I would only replicate the DB if your citrix infrastructure will grow significantly.

there is not necessarily any issues with your DB however backup your DB and run the clean utility as this will purge the crap out of your DB which will improve the IMA load up time. Then recreate the LHC. Try this fix as it has worked for me in the past, unless you fancy writing a script to remove that key on startup which is another option.

Please see the below reason as to why this is happening.

The amount of Microsoft license information in the data store tends to grow very large. This occurs because each time a non-Windows client logs on to a computer running Presentation Server, the Microsoft license information obtained by Presentation Server is replicated to the data store. If Presentation Server obtains the same license information multiple times, the same information is replicated each time.
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