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How to Publish IIS 7 (windows 2008 web server) behind ISA 2006

1- is there any extra steps you need to take when publlising IIS7 (windows 2008 web server) other than IIS6
beacuse I'm having many sites IIS 6 are published behind ISA 2006
this the first time for me to publish IIS 7
when I test the publising rule  for IIS7 in ISA 2006 it give (Error 10060 time out)
but on the same time if I telnet to site from ISA console on port 80 I can establish the connection
note the fire wall on windows 2008 SP1 is OFF
but still I can not publish the site
any clue
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The obvious points apply of course i.e. making sure the ISA host is fully patched up and that the ISA 2006 SP1 is deployed before you even start this.
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Yes ISA SP1 is insatlled
any explanation
Why I'm able to telnet but the rule test fail with 10060 time out
the test rule simulates the scenario passing traffic whereas the true call from outside interface follows it exactly. Should be the same result either way but sometimes......

Please provide the output from an ipconfig /all on the ISA box.

Kindly refer this article:

Note A timeout error may also occur when connecting to an Internet server that does not exist or if there is more than one default gateway on the Proxy Server computer.

I hope this helps,
here is IP config out put
Ext IP  Gateway
DNS is pointing to our Public DNS
Int-IP  NO Gateway
in host file name of internal computer name
I'm able to to reach internal sever from ISA box that what confuse me
when the rule test say he can not reach the server
External nic should point ti Internal dns or be blank
For dns that is.....
Ah - my apologies, the NO DNS comment is because you have NO internal DNS?