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adding auto number in MS Access Query

i want to add auto number field in a query and not in a table
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? What exactly do you mean?

Do you want to insert a value in an autonumber field?
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i know we can add a auto number field in a table. But, if i have a table on which i have created a query to sort the list using few criterias, and then i want to give it a 6 digit auto number, then how do i do it?
Where would you get that autonumber from? Or do you mean something like a rownumber?

A "6-digit auto number"? You mean like 000001, 000002 etc? Because that would be equal to 1, 2 etc. The leading zero's have no meaning in a number. But you could have them in a string.
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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