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How to change Desktop and Add/Remove Programs icon of msi installer package in vs2008?

I have created a created a msi Installer for my desktop Application. I want to set my icon for my application for Desktop Shortcut and Add/REmove Programs. How can we do that? I checked the AddRemoveProgramIcon property, but it doesnt enable the "Ok" button even if I select the file, if the are not desktop Icons present in the Listbox that shows "Current Icon".
Is there any solutions?
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Miguel Oz

8/22/2022 - Mon
Miguel Oz

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Corey Scheich

The icon I use has a 32x32 8bit size in it, it must be added to one of the target system folders and must be a *.ico.  When I follow those steps it shows in the current icons list and in the text at the top and the OK button is enabled.

I already have a shortcut on desktop. I want to assign my image to it. currently it  shows the default icon(image). How can we do that?
Miguel Oz

Alternative 1:
YOu need to change the icon of your application.
On your project right click Properties menu, and then onthe application tab define your icon under "Icon:" option.
Build again your project and then the setup.
This will be reflected in your shortcut.

Alternative 2:
 If you want a different shortcut fromyour current program, on setup project click on your shorcut and define it using the icon property.
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William Peck

Yes I had tried the option:
On your project right click Properties menu, and then onthe application tab define your icon under "Icon:" option.

But this gives build error :
"Error    5    Error creating Win32 resources: Error reading icon 'D:\MyApp\Resources\Logo48x48.ico' -- The data is invalid.    
Miguel Oz

My answer is correct, your issue now is an invalid icon.
Try a different icon, your icon must be 16x16 or 32x32.