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Mac Pro locking

We have a Mac Pro Quad core 12gb ram running CS4, Final Cut pro latest edition, Microsoft office. Riad controller with 4 1tb drives on a Stripe. This machine has run fine up until 3 months ago, I have a Mac guy that works for me tested the machine and siad it was an over heating issue. Called Apple and after begging they sent a guy out with a fan but it didn't fix the issue, Then they asked me to bring it to an Apple store they found nothing and told me it had to be reloaded.
We pulled the riad controller out and loaded the machine on 1 1tb drive and slaved 2 other drives, It freezes in the finalcut when they go to render video. So called Apple again and had me bring the machine with everything down to a private shop, after 10 days they found nothing wrong with the machine. With the single drive or the RAID set up.

Now when we got the machine back we broke the RAID and installed all new drives, reloaded and it's locking again. Now the loacking seems to happen when there is a load placed on the machine. If the user opens say Entourage,Word Firefox it's ok, Once he goes to work with a picture and do some rendering this is where it locks.

I am by no means a Mac guy, is there some app I could run that would test the CPU's since my gut feeling is it's a bad CPU or a main board. I did fail to mention that we replaced the Memory also.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Did you run the hardware test that comes with the computer?


We have ran that test several times the only thing it found was the fan behind the memory running slow and that was the one that was replaced.

Suggest you open Activity Monitor (found in /Applications/Utilties) and set it to sort by CPU usage. Keep an eye on it and see if there is an application of some sort on your computer that is suddenly hogging CPU cycles before a crash. Also watch for high memory usage.

Also, have you checked the crash logs in /Applications/Utlities/Console.app  ?
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