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Alternative to SQL Reporting Services

At our company, we use SQL Reporting Services (2005/2008) to create our reports.
Our software are mostly composed of .Net and Java programming.

The reports normally contain dynamic tables, graphs, and all that you can think of.
We have done everything that we can such as massive denormalization in order to speed up database calls. Now 90% of the process time reside in rendering, and there's nothing much we can do about that right now.

We're at over 3 seconds per report, and we're hoping to achieve 10 reports per second instead. It'll be used for banks, so it can't take days to generate just a million. The final forms need to be in PDF format. They have awesome printers that can print that much in hours.

Please let us know what realistic alternatives we have here.
We can change database, way of programming and even hardware.
We need to achieve:
- 10 reports per second
- Average reports contain 10-20 pages, with dynamic tables and graphs.
- PDF as final form (other alternatives? pictures? with table formatting and graphs in mind)

As a side, what about, some other methods that directly brings report generation to printers?

Your help is greatly appreciated! :)
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Mike McCracken

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It sounds like this is for generating customer reports to be e-mailed / available online / printed.

Is it the same report (or a relatively small set of reports) being run many times with different parameters (i.e. customer id / date?)

The solution may involve using a single report which runs for a range of customer id's starting a new page for each. If printing this is simple- if you need to e-mail / save separate pdf's you'll need to find a way to handle this.

if you run the reports on their own with a simple export of some sort (not pdf) are you getting the response time you are looking for? If you are, have you considered maybe using a PDF printer instead of an export to pdf?