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Firefox keyboard shortcut 2 switch between tabs

Is there a keyboard shortcut in Mozilla Firefox that allows the user to switch back and forth between 2 tabs in a single window?  I'm looking for a command exactly analogous to Alt+Tab for Windows programs and folders.  That is, I want a shortcut that allows me to go back and forth between 2 tabs, the last one that had the focus and the one that currently has the focus.  I don't want a keyboard shortcut that lets the user move from one tab to another adjacent tab.

If not, is there a Firefox add-in that adds this function to Firefox.
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CTRL-TAB will switch between two tabs in one instance of the Firefox Browser. I'm a bit confused by the question. You first ask for a keyboard shotcut to switch between tabs in a single window. You then say you don't want a shortcut to let you switch between two adjacent tabs. Which do you want?
for sure ..CTRL+Tab ..

more info :
keyboard and mouse  shortcuts :) .

i hope that help you .
and this too : Ubiquity has a "Switch To Tab" function, among it's almost endless ranks.

Switch to Tab >> Ctrl-space ..

sorry i forgot to say that
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Sorry.  My membership expired.  I'm back now.  I'll reward points in the next day or two.  Thanks folks.
Simple question.  How to jump between FireFox tab I'm on and the one I previously was on, even though they are non-adjacent (sp?) tabs.  No decent answer, unless I misread the answers.  However, one answer did at least send me to an outside website that seemed germane.  He gets the points.