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Searching in Vista like XP? Windows XP Search Companion for Vista?

I just started using a computer running Vista.  The "Search" feature doesn't compare to the old Windows Search Companion in XP.  Is there a way to install just the old Windows Search Companion from XP on a Vista machine?

It looks like this has been addressed previously ( but no solution.

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I think your link above is incomplete...

but you may want to check out
and check the entry on:
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Well, not the answer I was hoping for but certainly informative.  "Search Everywhere" is more helpful but still doesn't compare to XP.

I consider the search feature in Vista an inherent limitation of Vista OS.  What a disappointment.  I can't believe somebody at MS development thought this was actually better than the Windows XP Search tool.

At this point, I'm actually going to install XP and be done with Vista.  I'm just too dependent on the XP search capabilities.

Thanks to everyone for all the help.

Thank you, and I was pleased to assist.  ... Thinkpads_User