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Epson POS printer on Windows 7 x64 - need to format emails on this thing coming from Outlook.

I have Outlook printing to a shared printer on the network.  It is an Epson TM-88ii, the OS is Windows 7 x64.  I am using a generic txt driver for this printer as Epson doesn't have a x64 driver for this printer and I can't get the other ones to load.  
I have an EMAIL come in and print to this printer through outlook.   It is like 4 feet long and the letters are everywhere.   I need to know how to format this thing!   If i have Windows XP the driver does everything for me and it is nice  - but I can't get that driver to load and the generic txt puts it everywhere.   I have seen things for Microsoft's POS but don't know how to get Outlook to do anything with it - if that is even how it works.  Can someone shed some light?  
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Chris B

Firstly, I can't see TM-88ii , there is TM-88iii and TM-88iv. I would expect the universal driver to work anyway. The Epson Advanced printer driver supports 7, get it here - www.epson-pos.com. You will need to organize a login account, but should be fine. If any issues, post back and I will upload the driver somewhere.

Chris B

The only print drivers that work on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine are 64-bit print drivers. If there is not a 64-bit driver for your Epson printer, you may have to select a new printer.

You can also try the following in Windows 7: Add a printer. Use the option to select a printer. Then, do not use Have Disk, but rather, use the option to download more driver from Microsoft. There may be a driver in there for your printer. That is how I got the driver for my older HP printer. ... Thinkpads_User

Thinkpads - tried that.  

Burrcm - I have put a ticket in with them a few days ago and I have heard nothing.    I found a driver on a website but I have yet to try it and it is for the newest printers - not sure if it will work.  Any help would be appreciated.  
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Chris B

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Will give this a shot tomorrow - Thanks Chris!

Thanks Chris!