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Cant drag files from outlook to a folder on C drive

I have been given a  .pst that I need to archive all the e-mails from.

We do it by extracting the files in Outlook and simply dragging them into a folder on the network and then run a system which registers all the to, from ,cc etc etc.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem but for some reason some of the e-mails cant be dragged into a folder.
I can open them, forward them, look at attachments etc but just not drag them to where I want them.

I get an error message coming up “Error Copying File….Parameter incorrect”
Even if I try to move the e-mails inside Outlook I get an error “Cannot Move the Items”

The .pstn file was created using Office 2003 and I am now using Office 2007 but it has worked for over 5000 e-mails only a couple of hundred are giving this problem.

I could forward them to myself and then do the drag to a folder …. That works but I loose all the to, from, cc info that way.

Any thoughts please?

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search your computer for scanpst.exe and run it. It will check the pst for errors and correct them.  then you will be able to copy as usual.
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I have already tried scanpst.exe and it doesnt make any difference to the problem but thanks anyway.
How big is PST (just interested).

For fault finding purposes, are you saying that you can not even drag messages one at a time? I kind of had this issue on one PST file and in the end, dragged in smaller batches (say 500 at a time). I'm interested in the file size since I'm not completely convinced about this myth regarding the 2Gb limit on PSTs. I believe it depends on a number of other factors, however.. If it really is under 2Gb, you could create a user in Exchange called PSTUSER and re-name the PST file PSTUSER.PST. The use ExMerge to suck the PST into Exchange.

Once in Exchange you can either re-export it or open up the PSTUSER (you could of course, call this a different name) user's email and drag and drop from there.

There's a number of ways of skinning a cat but if you spend 20 minutes getting to grips with ExMerge, you'll find it a great tool. FInd it on the Microsoft site.

BTW, to use ExMerge, you will need to create an Exchange user with all the Exchange admin permissions. It's in the documentation.

Apologies if you've already tried this but it'll give you a different way of skinning this particular issue.

Cheers, Callum.
Hi Callum

Thanks for your response

The folder is 1.5 Gb so that shouldnt be an issue
I can open and read and forward the mails when i open the pst file in outlook but if i try to move one of the mails into say my in box it gives an error saying "Cant move Item"

If i right click on it and choose move file and try to move it into my inbox i get "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameter values are not valid"
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I have managed to get a work around for this now thanks.... i managed to find a PC that still had office 2003 on it and i opened the .PST file on that.
It let me copy the files out and place them in a folder on a memory stick as i wanted and then i went  back to my 2007 PC and loaded them on there and it worked.

Looks like it was an issue between 2003 / 2007

Thanks for your help anyway .... learned a bit more about Outlook :)