Download large file via PHP stops before the end


I'm trying to download large files (the aim is to download films).
I'm just trying yet with a pdf file of 14Mo.
The download starts, and ends at 5Mo before the end of the file. Then the file downloaded is corrupted and can't be opened.
I've tried with 2 methods: readfile, fread with buffer.
None worked.

Have any idea?

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check the two variables for your php configuration


May be they must be getting exhausted

Or else check the error_log for the exact error message what you are getting
jean-sylvainAuthor Commented:
I put :


and in phpinfo i get:

max_execution_time: 30
memory_limit: 8M

Can u try increasing the memory to 128MB and then try
I think that can solve the problem
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jean-sylvainAuthor Commented:
I can't, my website is hosted.
try setting with this function

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Hello !

I managed to download a 180Mo file with the code below.

Nevertheless, if the script takes longer than 30s and if you can't  increase max_execution_time, you are stuck. (look for a dedicated server if you can afford it)

But, downloading this 180Mo file took about 5 CPU seconds so it shoud work for a movie.


	fetch_url ( '', 'google.html' );

	// ---

	function fetch_url ( $url, $file ) {
		if ( ( $input = fopen ( $url, 'rb' ) ) === false ) {
			echo 'Unable to fopen url';
			return false;

		if ( ( $output = fopen ( $file, 'wb' ) ) === false ) {
			echo 'Unable to fopen file';
			return false;

		// ---

		while ( feof ( $input ) === false ) {
			if ( ( $buffer = fread ( $input, 8192 ) ) === false ) {
				echo 'Unable to fread url';
				return false;

			if ( fwrite ( $output, $buffer ) === false ) {
				echo 'Unable to fwrite file';
				return false;

		// ---

		fclose ( $input );
		fclose ( $output );

		return true;

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jean-sylvainAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, the memory_limit was the point!
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