What are laws regarding employers reading employees emails? Specifically for North Carolina as I work in North Carolina.

I read an article that said only Delaware and Connecticut employers are required by law to notify employees if email activity are being monitored.

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In my experience, if you are using your employers server and email, they can without question look at those.  Alot of times the system an employee is using may actually be connected thru a remote desktop so the email client and messages your are sending and recieving at are not even on your system.  I actually know for a fact that some employers have keyword filters in there email clients that will notify "whom it may concern" when certian words are used in sending emails (ie. resume').  Hope that helps.

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Public or private employer?

Company e-mail or personal e-mail? (g-mail/hotmail)

Technially the e-mail address, server is stored on are owned by the company.

Every company I've worked have had me sign a paper stating that the employer MAY at any time be monitoring e-mails.

As far as g-mail goes, they probably can't access your account legally however, can keylog and look at the keystrokes legally to see what you have been mailing and look at your web-history.

Bascially, don't do anything at work that may get you fired
I am in agreement with those above -- I manage email for several companies and all email sent from the company domains are subject to review by the respective administative boards.  However, personal account do not apply, even if they were accessed on company time.

An employer has the right to monitor your business e-mail activity and read what e-mails you have written.

For the personal e-mails, they have the right to see if you are visiting personal e-mail websites and the frequency of your visits.
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