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When I try and install Nero 9 Reloaded I get an error about 20% into the install, saying "unable to access shell manager" I just recently paid for Nero 9 Reloaded, and I I had to reinstall it on my computer due to an unrelated issue. I installed a new hard drive but still had my old drive with Nero files on it installed. I used the General cleaning tool to uninstall all files on my machine I even followed the removal instructions in post 18 of this thread more then once.

I went as far as to uninstall my Anti Virus, Ad ware program and I disabled firewall. So I am extremely vulnerable to attacks right now but all willing to risk this in order to properly install Nero 9 Reloaded, being I paid quite a bit of money for this program, and Nero wants me to pay $1.29 a minute to help me install it I have posted in Nero forums and written Nero technical support. Can anyone please help me?


O/S Windows XP Pro Service pack 3

Two Hard Disks: 1 TB & 80 GB

Software attempted to install Nero

Tools General-Clean Tools October 15, 2009

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Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010


1. You simply install Nero when connected directly to the machine (in front of the screen) and not via a remote connection over the network or Internet. not by connecting to the unit via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.

2. Run the Nero General Clean tool (

3. Install the latest Nero 9 version from our web site. (

4. Please make sure to deactivate your antivirus software before following the steps above, otherwise you may encounter problems and Nero cannot be removed/reinstalled properly.

I hope this helps,


Shree, i am sure you read my question,  i did everything you asked me to do, not once, twice, but several times prior to posting this question.
When you speak of a remote connection i am not sure what you mean. I downloaded  Nero from Nero's website, and tried to install it from there.
When you say "Install the latest Nero 9 version from our web site" are you affiliated with the Nero company?

Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

I am not affiliated with Nero. That is Typo error.

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Ok, but i have tried your solutions many times already thanks!
Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

After running the Nero Clean tool have rebooted the system and then tried to install.


Yes and followed these instructions...

Open your Start menu, click on My Computer, double click on C drive, double click on
Documents and Settings, double click on the folder that says Owner or User. At the top
of the Window click on Tools, Folder Options, click on View tab, choose Show Hidden files
and Folders, click OK. Double click on Application Data Folder, delete the Ahead and Nero
folders, double click on the Temp. folder, delete any folder that says Nero or that starts
with NRO.
Go back to your C drive, double click on Program files, Delete the Nero folder, double on
Common files folder, delete any Ahead or Nero folder. Close the Window.
Open your Start menu, click on Run, type in regedit, click OK, double click on th Hkey
Current User folder, double on the Software folder, delete the Ahead and Nero folder.
Double click on the Hkey Local Machine folder, double click on the Software folder, delete
the Ahead and Nero folders. Close the window
Empty your Recycle Bin and restart your computer.
Try a custom install and only install the bare minimum. You may only be having issues with a small part of the install.


That would be nice but there are no options for that. Only options are custom install and I for the other I think its called standard install I have tried them both.

I am at a point where I can't even get past the extraction process,I get an error message during extraction. I will post various screen shots shortly.

Nero support can't figure this out at this point. I can't believe I paid full blown price for this product now they want me to pay $1.29 a minute to install it. This is to much!


Various screen shots of Nero error messages.
Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

Use the GENERAL-CLEANTOOL, and execute it three times - Keep executing until you nothing NERO related appear in the "instaled apps" window.

After the perform a CUSTOM installation of the software.

I hope this helps,


Wont help Shree i usually do it 3 or 4 times till nothing is there. I just got out of a chat with Nero support. I am Lance, the support person is Simone.

Here is an excerpt of a chat session between a support person and myself. I am is Simone...

[Lance] yes
[Lance] thats ity
[Lance] it*
[Lance] Please answer that please
[Simone] The forum entry refers to the patent activation of Nero 9.
[Simone] But I have checked your serial number and there are still activations left.
[Lance] I tried to install it a dozen times or more
[Simone] Doesn´t matter.
[Simone] Because your installation does not reach the point where you have to activate it.
[Lance] ok now...can i pick up a disk as opposed to waitng a week or more for delivery?
[Simone] I will send out the disc today. But it may take some time until the disc arrives because it will be sent out from Germany.
[Simone] May you please give me your mail address?
[Lance] can i pick up a disk as opposed to waitng a week or more for delivery?
[Lance] can i pick up a disk as opposed to waitng a week or more for delivery?
[Simone] unfortunately you cannot pick up the disc.
[Lance] ok, what other steps can we perform while waiting, it will be hard to wait one week or more?
[Simone] unfortunately I cannot offer you another solution at the moment.
[Lance] Really?
[Simone] I will send out the disc today.
[Lance] what if the Disc does not work then?
[Simone] In this case, I can only offer you a refund for Nero 9 if you have purchased in our onlineshop.
[Lance] So to tell me, i exahuasted all troubleshooting procedures with Nero??
[Simone] unfortunately I don´t understand what you mean exactly.
[Lance] ok, let me try to say it this way...
[Lance] I have tried everything that can be done to resolve this, OTHER then the Disc??
[Simone] Yes.
[Simone] Usually the problems can be solved with the steps we suggested.
[Simone] But in your case the problem persist.
[Lance] Can i use another users Disc if i find one?
[Simone] Therefor I will sent you the disc for free.
[Simone] No, because the "original discs" are not extracted.
[Simone] I will send you a special disc which includes the extracted version of Nero 9.
[Lance] I have a Nero 8 essentials Disk, will that help?
[Simone] No, unfortunately not.
[Simone] Nero 8 and Nero 9 are two different products.
[Simone] You cannot install Nero 9 with a Nero 8 Essentials disc.
[Lance] Wha if i am able to install Nero 8, can i then upgrade or install Nero 9 on top of it?
[Simone] No
[Simone] As I told you these are two different products.
[Simone] Nero 9 is not an "update" for Nero 8.
[Lance] How come nobody suggested that i re-install my O/S
[Simone] Of course, this may solve the problem. But reinstalling an OS may take a lot of time and work.
[Simone] Therefor we try to solve the problem without reinstalling the complete Operating System.
[Lance] Are there any other methods that take a lot of time and work that i can employ other then re-installing my O/S?
[Simone] unfortunately I cannot sent you any other solution.
[Simone] You can either await my e-mail or reinstall your OS and install Nero 9 after new installation of your OS directly.
[Simone] Maybe this will solve your problem.
[Lance] Can i be granted permission to speak to support on the phone one time?
[Simone] We offer a phone hotline in USA but I don´t think that a phone call will solve your problem.
[Simone] Also, the hotline is not free or charge.
[Simone] They cannot solve your problem by phone, too.
[Lance] I should get permission to speak free of charge
[Lance] Can a supervisor arrange that?
[Simone] But it does not make sense to talk to someone.
[Lance] Why?
[Simone] Even if we call you back, we cannot solve your problem by phone.
[Simone] We already have all information about your problem and even if we call you we cannot say anything else then: please await the disc and try to install again.
[Simone] Or you can try to reinstall your OS
[Lance] What if i wanted this Disk to be sent express mail, and were willing to pay, can that be arranged?
[Simone] or if this does not solve your problem you will receive a refund for Nero 9.
[Simone] Usually the disc will arrive in 3-5 days.
[Lance] Please answer my last question?
[Simone] unfortunately this is not possible.
[Lance] Fine send the Disc right away please
[Lance] Good-Bye
[Simone] Yes, I will send the disc today.
[Simone] Thank you for your understanding.
Shreedhar EtteTechnical Manager
Top Expert 2010

Ok, they are sending nero disc.

Try with that and see.


Yeah i think i am better off doing another clean install first!


The heck with Nero, what is Nero's biggest competition? I will purchse their product!


Can somebody tell me at least WHY i am getting error messages trying to install software when i basically have a recent clean instal?? Some possible reasons?
Hmmm can you try downloading from another site or md5 the download and post hash here and i'll do the same to make sure it's not corrupt download


I did the MD5 checksum thing already, It was a match, good download. i deleted all tools, i am done with this. Sorry your just a little late on this one.

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