Sexual Segregation

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I am from India, and i find that the sexes are fairly seperated.

Females usually have more Femaile friends than Male friends, and Males usually have more Male friends than Female friends..

I guess it may be as india is a fairly conservative country..

Q1. Is it the same story in your country.. (especially if you are based in Europe or North America)

Q2. If yes, than what is the reason for it..
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Q1. In England I find this is generally not the case; racial segregation on the other hand appears much more common.

Q2. Men are jealous and insecure, so it is natural for them to pressure their daughters/wives to isolate themselves from other men.

Welcome - I assume you mean you are in the States now, or did you mean you are in Canada,Mexico or somewhere in Europe?)

Personally, I find that the story changes as you travel from town to town, county to county and State to State. I have found the same and the opposite to be true within a given community as well. What remains the same, however, everywhere I go is that the patriarchy contends exclusively with politics and economy whereas the matriarchy is concerned with social and cultural notions of race - in every sense of the word from competition to genetics - gender notwithstanding inclusion into either.

I have noticed that people who have polarized gender identities (men are masculine and women are feminine) tend to socially congregate along the lines you present. When gender is less polarized, there tends to be greater incidence of girls who are "tom boys" with lots of guy friends (who may be either alpha, beta or more feminine males) and the men tend to prefer their female friends - of whom they have more. Overall, however, North America and European cultures are patriarchal and transgendered or homosexual displays are usually ostracized.

How much this is influenced by life in the country vs. life in the city and other socio-economic considerations is, of course, debateable.

One question: why do you capitalize the genders and not capitalize the country of India? Is it your country of origin and home or were you relocating there from somewhere else?

All that said - if you wanna meet a good woman, forget the coffee shops, bookstores, bars and the clubs and start hanging out at the local farmers markets, yoga studios and places of worship.


Q1:  I'm am from the US and I would say the biggest factor is marriage.  I think single people definitely do not stick with their own gender.  When people get married they do tend to start to hang out with the same gender when they have a "night out".

Q2:  I think the biggest part is if a married man or woman was hanging out with the opposite sex all the time, there there is definitely room for temptation and also outside questions.  Also, they usually get enough of the opposite gender at home with their spouse.  That's why usually wives will go have a "girls night out" and the husbands will have a "guys night out".  When you are married you get your fill of the opposite sex every day, so there isn't as much of a need to be with the opposite gender.  Having the interaction with your buddies or ladies is very healthy.  Women can nurture other women on an emotional level that men typically can't and vice versa.

Now when you are single, you do not have that opposite gender interaction on a day to day basis unless you have them as friends.  I would say having both gender interactions are definitely healthy and needed.  I know when I was not married and in college I hung out with probably 60% women and 40% guys.  In high school I hung out with about 90% guys.  After college, I hung out with probably 75% guys.  Now that I'm married we hang out with more couples than anything else.  I think a big factor is just what friends are available to make.  Another factor is when single you are usually "looking" for someone from the opposite sex so you would be more interested in hanging out with them to find someone to get to know better.
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From what I know of European countries (I have lived in Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg) your point regarding friends is quite correct. Except that here it is NOT considered wrong when a couple of girls go out to the cinema or a resturant/bar at night. It used to be many, many, many, years ago, but no longer.

When I went to a British university in the 1960s I was astounded to see the staff of a department listed like this :-

Professor T. Halliwell                         (<== obviously the head of the department)
Miss H.Crewkerne                              (<= obviously a single woman)
Mrs.J.Stillwell                                      (<= obviously married)

With the men there is no indication as to whether they are married or not!
I thought that this practice had died out, but as I went looking at what sixth formers at school do these days, I ran into Oundle School at this site

containing this :-

Head of Careers: Mrs C.R. Gent, MA (Cambridge)
Head of Higher Education: S.C. Kent, BA (Oxford)

again, a clear case of sexism!
(Not to mention the academic snobbery with the bracketed Cambridge or Oxford)
Q1. Well in Europe (where I live) it usually depends on the Individual. Some men might have lots of female friends and others not so many. We are pretty much a liberal society.

Q2. Some Individual who emigrated from the South Asia or the Middle-East probably do tend to hold onto their traditions and cultures.

-Muj ;-)

What Muj says above in Q1 is true of Sweden also.
Also in Sweden, it is not uncommon to find women in roles where you might expect to see men, for example as bus & lorry drivers, builders and painter & decorators. There are a lot of women police here too. But upper management is still 80& men, and women still get lower salaries than men for the same typ of job.

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