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How to properly configure load balencing in ESX 4i

I have a lab ESX4i server setup. I believe I configure the 2 nics I have for load balancing, but when I copy a 600mg file to another system it's very slow. Now I just rebuilt this esx server from scratch. It work fine before. The system I'm coping the files too has 2 1gb nics configured as teaming.  

What do I need to check to make sure I configured it correctly?


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8/22/2022 - Mon
Paul Solovyovsky

Unless you have Cisco EtherChannel with trunking you are not going to get true load balancing.  It does a type of round robin and it provides failover.  The round robin is per VM.

This is two sided- most of the load balancing is per flow, even with cisco devices.  With per flow balancing when you start the file copy it is only 1 flow.  I feel obliged to say that with the management nic on esx servers (which is used for the copy) they really only use 1 of the nics for most traffic regardless of configuration.  Also realize you are using NFS for the file copy, ESXi has a funny stack for dealing with NFS that can be slower.  
Paul Solovyovsky

namoon: Good point but with NFS I've actually had faster responce then with iSCSi, I believe most of that is due to overhead of iSCSI vs native file level througput and scsi locking.  Per flow on iSCSI has been upgraded on ESX 4 with multipath and severak vmkernel ports, so no longer do we have to deal with a max. of 1GB throughput no matter how many nics we have.

rdefino:  If it was working before take a look at the other side.  Copy the same file from a physical server to your destination, it could be several issues that are not related to ESX.
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