LCD TV setup small church enviornment


I am supporting a small-sized church that has an audience of about 50. They will view the powerpoint shows and also some songs with lyrics on the screen that sits up on a stage.

The stage is about 2 feet higher than the floor the audience sits in, and the 2 televisions will be setup on the stage, one the left and one on the right.

My question here is, since the farthest audience member will probably be about 33 feet away from the LCD television, what size should be big enough for everyone to read text from powerpoint slides on and videos?

I  have $1,500.00 for a budget, so I'm wondering if two 42" would work, or if something bigger is recommended.

I plan on connecting these telvisions to a desktop PC that currently has support for multiple external monitors via VGA d-sub 15.
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yes a 42 inch would work just get a LCD matted would be best

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to my mind 33 feet is a bit too far especially for elder people but you should try it you self in a tv shop. You might have to go for 4 lcd's with 2 half way down one on the left and one on the right. instead of using multiple outputs from the pc get a 1 input 4 output video

like this

You should be able to get 4 lcd's for $1500 ish but go slightly down in size like 37"

make him an offer
A bright LCD projector can create a large image that people 33 feet away can read.  Keep in mind that those who are creating the powerpoint slides need to use large fonts for any display device.  The answer to your question thus depends on the maximum font size possible.
42" is not very big from that distance. But looking at our budget you would not get you a very good Projector, Screen, and Mounting Hardware. If possible I would look for screen that are a bit bigger. You might able to find 52" LCDs and stay under your budget. Floor models from Sam's or Clearance Items will probably fit your budget better. At a minimum I would get some 47' if you cant find 52" in your budget.
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