Hard Disk Full error message

Hi Experts,
                   Just wondering if any one has experienced this before..We have several clients running windows xp environment under our windows server 2003 platforms/Network - Now recently some of the client pc starts displaying an error notification that the hard disk C is low in space and it needs to delete some files to free up space. I therefore checked up their C drive looked carefully on their documents/files  but it seems it was reasonable - that is their files are small just in Mega Bytes(MB) compared to the huge disk space on C drive.
What could be the problem causing this error??..any helpful ideas..

Thanks alot

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techmastermailConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally if this error message is valid , expand you harddisk memory or delete unnessary files. However if error message repeat unjustifiably, YOU Can DISABLE this MESSAGE by editing the registry..run regedit or using the BIOs. ...Check the Make and Model of Your Computer on Manufacturers Website. The Manufacturer will guide you in eliminating this problem.  I hope this helps.
rbvit2Author Commented:
The solution was ok..Since when I applied the ideas provided it worked ok..

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