PC Restarting

I have lately formatted and installed a clean version of windows XP.

After using for couple of days without any issues, PC started to restart automatically.

This is what happens:
PC works for few minutes -> restarts. While restarting, it restarts again and again before it hangs and stops to restart with PC lights still on.

So far what i have done:
disabled Automatically restart option - still restarts.
disabled all new hardware -> still restarts
RAM is ok. Processor FAN is not working but another Fan in the CPU is working.

Also when it restarts, i can see in the bios then Kernal Temp is 0%

What can be the issue
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exponeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest that you don't run your PC without a processor fan, as it may damage your CPU and cost 10 times more to repair than just to change a fan :-)
The issue is that the processor FAN is not working and another fan in the computer is not sufficient to cool down the processor, so your PC restarts because it overheats.
The good news is that processor fan isn't very expensive and you may be able to change it yourself. However, don't run your PC without a fan, as it may damage it completely.
Does it still restart if you go into safe mode?

You can achieve this by rebooting, and press F8 just after the BIOS screen disappears. It'll give you a menu with a list of options, amongst them is "safe mode with networking". Once your in safe mode, if it stops rebooting, you can take this a step further and check out your event viewer or attempt a system restore. I emphasize safe mode with networking because you should be able to get online with the machine, which has a bonus if you go to the event viewer...

The event viewer is a form of logging that you can check out to see what's going on with your computer. To get to the event viewer, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Then, choose the "System" category, and you can look at individual events at the right side. This is where safe mode with networking shines, you can click on a link in the events to do a Microsoft search to help pin down your problem.

The alternate method you could do at this point, is try a system restore, which restores your computers settings to operate the way they did at a previous date, without losing any personal info (pictures, music, documents, etc) and possibly fix the problem.

If neither of the above work, don't rule out the possibility of having a hardware issue, but this is enough for now, let me know how it goes!
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AsishRajAuthor Commented:
Yeap it restarts even if i go to Safe Mode.

Also nothing gets written on event viewer. nothing that causes any errors in the event viewer
AsishRajAuthor Commented:

i was thinking it might be cause of overheating. ok what do i need to take to the hardware shop to get the right thing.
You take the processor fan (which isn't working) to the hardware shop and get a replacement. Be careful how you take it off, so that you don't pull the processor out together with the fan :-)
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