win7 on Win2K3 R2 AD DOmain

I have an issue with a new win 7 64 pro client on my domain.

The user used the Win7 wizard to join the domain.  He already had a user on the domain and already had a home directory.  Additionally a GP does a redirect of his My documents to the home folder NOT giving the user exclusive rights  (administrator can access).

The issue is that another user name with .V2 had been created during the join and it contains appdata roaming data seems with all his favorites and everything else. Also there are repeated errors on his machine regarding group Policy error 1053 and 1055.  The username displayed is his correct username and the error regarding computer name shows no name..

I want to add that the DC that is NOT holding all the roles is windows 2000 while the primary dc is w2k3 R2.    

I have no NTFRS errors on either DC.

I see the new user folder in the home dir and really cannot believe that win7 created a user.  Plus how can it write to a user name that he is not even logged in under.

I am guessing the user did something in the wizard that he did not tell me.

Really weird indeed.  How can I merge the appdata and favorites back into his user where it belongs though he somehow access it it now.
Michael BarlowPresidentAsked:
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Windows Vista / 7 create (username).v2 folders for storing profiles / redirected data. It most likely didn't create an actual user, just the folder to store the profile in. This explains why the user can access it properly.

To troubleshoot the 1053 and 1055 issues, take a look here:

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Michael BarlowPresidentAuthor Commented:

But then how do I manage the fact that the users Z drive is a mapped drive which includes his Home data which include My documents.

Worse yet the user has been directly accessing that Z drive.  How do I correct what is now a mess.

What possible logic is there in doing this?  IE creating thje .V2 data.  Additionally my backup user has no access to this .v2 folde.

Damn this is funky.

THANK YOU.  I will read those two links
Michael BarlowPresidentAuthor Commented:
O also checked on the event ID 1053 issue from the link you sent.

Onm that error the details tag shows this under error and it does not meet any of the examples they supply.

But I did run Gpupdate on the client and it completed successfully.

I am wondering two things that may have attributed to this issue.

1.  User had used external DNS instead of using DHCP or using the local AD DNS.  He has since switched to DHCP with proper info.

2. I believe he may have an active wireless network card with a Gateway assigned.  I had allowed him to use a wireless NIC to access a local network he needs to access but with no Gateway assigned.  He had a power issue on the primary netwoirk and changed the wireless to use fore outside Inet access.    Power issues have since been resolved but I need to verify wireless gateway was removed.

See below for 1053 details page.


  SupportInfo1 1
  SupportInfo2 1632
  ProcessingMode 0
  ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds 254562
  ErrorCode 1722
  ErrorDescription The RPC server is unavailable.  
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