open file share in server 2008

I have a server 2008 that exists in a workgroup.

I have clients that exist in a domain.

I want the server 2008 to share a folder where the domain clients have full access to the share.

I have created a share, and given everyone and guests full control (both sharing and NTFS permissions).

When a guest attempts to cionnect to the share a username and password is prompted.

Please advise what the problem may be and the soluition.

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Sounds like the single signon advantage of being in a domain is to no advantage here, since the server is not a member of the domain..
Either join the server to the domain or create a batch file using the net use command that uses the credentials to connect the shares to the server and place it on the users desktop and have them execute it before accessing the shares. Once they do this then they shouldn't be prompted for the credentials.
net use s: \\server\fileshare /user:username password
That should do the trick, let me know how it goes.

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jsulliva1957Author Commented:
Thanks for the two comments.

Agreed, this is an advantage of membership of a domain, but for stromger reasons this is not possible.

net use together with passing username password, is the workaround that I am currently using, through utilising a batch file.

I will leave this job open for another 24 hours to see whether there is another way and if not, I will accept this as a multiple answer

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The only other way I know of is to create a vpn, like logmein hamachi, and let it do the authentication, then whenever the user connects to the drive no prompting will be done.
No matter what, something or someone has to provide the initial credentials to login to the domain, this has been my experience.
In years past there was a way to use pass thru authentication in your situation, but that is no more :-(. (i.e. like the workstation username and password being the same as the domain username and password.)
Hope this helps
Darius GhassemCommented:
You can setup the same username and passwords on the Windows 2008 server within the local users and groups as you have setup in your domain.
@dari, that would go back to my previous comments about pass thru authentication and I'm not sure that would work on server 2008. Haven't tried it in a while because the security on newer servers I don't think allows this. It would be interesting though to see if it works.
jsulliva1957Author Commented:
Yes, dariusq I have done this and yes conchcrawl server 2008 does not see it as the same user.

passing the username and password in the net use command looks like the only is a pity that these cannot be passed as a hash

It's sad to say but in "the olden days" passthru authentication worked but because of all the security concerns, MS had no choice but to tighten this up. Security is always a pain in the you know what, but it is the reality of our world today.
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