integer overflow in QBooks Pos 4.0

Every time I search  for an item in   QBooks Pos 4.0  I get an iinteger overflow message
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steveoskhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another EE post had one solution

Another method is found in the quickbooks community forum

 V4 is no longer supported so even if this is an emerging issue, it will not be fixed by an update. POS does not have list limitations which means that you can have as many items, customers, etc, as you want without reaching a number limit. With that said, please try the following:

1. Open practice mode with a copy of your current file.
2. Proceed with operation that generates Integer Overflow message.
3. If you get the message, there is no fix.
4. If you do not get the message, close practice mode and return to file.
5. Make a backup
6. Create a new company le.
7. Restore back.
alex6elAuthor Commented:
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