Pull email from different hosts using domino 8.5

How can I pull email from different hosts and distribute to user with out third party software in Lotus Domino 8.5
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   Hi there Jobby,

Could you please give some more details or some examples of what you are really up to ???

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
On Linux, use fetchmail, and there should be a similar utility on Windows.

The other way round is much more difficult: to send mail from a server that represents multiple users...
Here's how you can pull POP3 email (third-party but freeware):
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jobby1Author Commented:
I am using lotus domino to get mails from out side. But I have to collect the mails from these domains eg : user1@domian1.com,user2@domian2.com,user3@domain4.com etc and distribute to our users in mailboxes in lotus domino. Lotus domino I am using there these emails ids in there internet email id field.
I am not really quit sure but I think if you create some groups for each domain  in the IBM Lotus Administrator and add the corresponding users to this group then set both the "Mail Domain" and "Internet Address" ( user1@domian1.com,user2@domian2.com,user3@domain4.com) for the corresponding group ,,,,, then test it .
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
> I am using lotus domino to get mails from out side.
Actually, you are not. Domino doesn't "get" mails, it receives mails that are sent/pushed to it. Domino does not take any action to get mails. That's why you need fetchmail or the utility Marko talks about, to get the mails from external mailboxes and forward/push them to Domino.

That's how you can
> ... collect the mails from these domains eg : user1@domian1.com, ...
> ... and distribute to our users in mailboxes in lotus domino
There's nothing difficult about it: the utility uses POP3 to fetch mails from the external mailbox, and SMTP to send the mails to your Domino server.

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