Listing Open Files on an SBS 2003 server


I have been looking for a better method to provide me with a realtime list of open files on an SBS 2003 server.

I have seen the post at
referring to Computer Management (Local) --> System Tools --> Shared Folders --> Open Files but this is not a realtime list, AND I have seen workstations (MS Office 2003 specically) report that files on the server were in use, but the above screen did not list them as open - only rebooting all workstations and server would clear that lock - perhaps it is a "rogue" lock and not an open file at all, but I would have though that SBS2003 could would still track it.

Does anybody know of, please, a software tool (even a CLI solution) that would give me an accurate list of open files on an SBS server (including SBS2008 if possiblel, but SBS2003 is mot important here).

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I'm not sure if this will be any more useful than what is listed in Computer Management, but you could try something like this:

cmd /c openfiles /query /s "servername"

You need to run it as a user who has permission to access the shares on that particular server. Append /nh to omit headers, /fo csv to make it in csv format, and >> to pipe it to a file.
You might try the /Local on|off flag as well. It might provide more up to date information on local locks at the cost of performance (and requires a restart to set.)

C:\WINDOWS\system32>openfiles /local on

SUCCESS: The system global flag 'maintain objects list' is enabled.
         This will take effect after the system is restarted.
Well I do hate to disagree but the computer management - open files is about as real time as it gets, all you need to do is refresh the screen and it will update any changes in the open files.
If your saying that because you have to refresh the screen that isn't realtime, then I'm not sure what to say, maybe the command prompt will refresh automatically for you :-).
Seriously I've used that window for years to determine what files were open in realtime and it has never let me down. Within seconds I can tell what users have closed files.

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hainsNETAuthor Commented:
Thanks everybody. Answers sorted me out.

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