Microsofts merge replication solution


We have been looking at implementing an active/active database solution where our european users access a database in europe and asia-pacific users access an identical database in sydney and both replicate data across a private lease line.

We were looking at Oracle's goldengate software but I just came across Microsoft's merge replication...has anyone heard of this?

Is this an alternate solution for what I am looking for?
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Merge replication keep two copies of a database in sync by using inbuilt system triggers .. one database is configured as a publisher and one or more as a subscriber ....  replication is configured on a article baisis "this is where you can select tables that you want to replicte" ..   so just be aware if you add tables to the database at the publisher or subscriber then these don't automaticly get replicated you have to configure them as articles...   merge replication is a good solution as if you set it up correctly your europe server can still un if your pacific server goes down and can just catch-up when it comes back online ...  one key thing you need to be aware of is that all tables that you replicate will add in a rowguid field .. some apps dont like this

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Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
hi Tab8 thanks for the info. So with merge we can run both databases live at the same time for use?

are there any good and detailed step by step guides on how to configure merge with windows server 2008? Ive only seen windows 2000 instructions.
yes .. you can run both DB's at the same time

I would recomend gettign teh book called pro - sql server 2005 replication .... .  replication is the same in 2005 as 2008 BUT VERY DIFFERNT IN 2000
Network_PadawanAuthor Commented:
Great thanks
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