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How do i solve OUT of memory problem on VPS Hosting ,godaddy??

im hosting an ASP.net 3.5 on a VPS on godaddy , RAM are 512 MB
always w3wp.exe consume the whole memory as well as sqlservr.exe do,but CPU usage would be very low .
so when some visitors access the site, after a while  the application hangs and then it will give you service unavailable also sqlsrve process will be shut down ,then i have to restart the server
in event viewer errors are
Source:ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0
Event id=1309

also for MSSQL2005
im reciieving
There is insufficient system memory to run this query

my website url is

Please help me
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1 Solution
I'm wondering if you reduce the memory footprint of the SQL engine if that would help, but really 512 MB sounds too low for that setup.

Amandeep Singh BhullarCommented:
What i think 512 MB Ram is not enough for web server and sql.
You should think of upgrading the same.

Regarding .NET error please check
kamal_2002Author Commented:
my hosting is VPS windows server 2003 does the hot fix apply for it?
what are the limits i should put for the memory

by the way when i was hosting my site on their shared hosting i didnt face any problem at all
Please advance
always memory usage for w3wp.exe is almost eating all the memory
but for cpu usage is very low
yes, windows will utilize (if possible) all the memory available to it..
I cant give you an exact figure in regards to memory allocation, as it may affect timeouts if too low and will be dependent on the size of the DB and its configuration. I'd start with 128 MB and experiment from there, but I feel your time is waisted on a VPS with only that much memory.

What was your shared hosting servers assets? esp memory..
And I doubt they had SQL + IIS on the same box..

And you say your CPU is very low, but I think that is because it is not utilized at all, and breaks easily. Have you done any load testing?

kamal_2002Author Commented:
i think i should be moving from VPS to another Dedicated Server ,i review my code and it seems debug directive was enabled on the web.config ,also i was only closing the database connection but not Disposing them which i feel it may cause problems i will deploy my site and check if problem goes
Thanks all

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