How to move from windows FTP server to a Filezilla FTO server ?

i wanted to set up a filezilla ftp server on the server that is running windows ftp server service.
how can i just switch from the windows one to filezilla ftp ?
i may need detailed instructions. i am new to ftp
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How many users do you have what about the possible down time?
 This should be pretty straight forward. Update your dns and create an alias record for the ftp server. Below are the instructions for installing the service

<a href="" >How To Setup FTP Server on Windows</a>
smilefox000Author Commented:
Do i have to get rid of the current windows FTP server first?
i have tried this before. but when i put in i was not able to access.
what i want to do is just to move all windows ftp users and ftp folders to the filezilla ftp server so that clients connect to filezilla ftp service instead of windows ftp service in the future.
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If you wish to use Filezilla FTP, open the IIS console.  On the left-hand pane, expand until you see FTP site.  Select it, then click on Stop (or, right-click it, and select Stop)

Then, open up Filezilla server.  The Filezilla console gives you the status in real-time - you can see logon attempts and if the server accepted or rejected it, and all kinds of other stuff like who is connected, transfer rates.  If you have any trouble connecting (after the IIS-based FTP site has been stopped) to Filezilla FTP server, a look at the Filezilla console while you try to connect should be able to give you enough info to troubleshoot and fix.

(You do need to set up Filezilla first - create users, set their "home" directories, bla bla bla)

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Here's a decent how-to article on Filezilla:

(After you finish the page on the link above, be sure to click the link at the bottom, and check out the user creation page)

Then, it's time for testing.  The server should respond to FTP clients at this point.
Here's another install guide:

Here's one that has slightly more detail on the possible options in Filezilla:
smilefox000Author Commented:
Thank you very much for your help.
everything starts working after i restart the Filezilla ftp service.
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