Flex -AdvancedDatagrid summaryFunction

I have an advanceddatagrid where i have to have custom summary function should return string data type. By default return type of summary function is Number.

Pleae provide hint display string or empty string on summary header.

Below are the code sample i used

private function rmSummaryFunction(iterator:IViewCursor, dataField:String, operation:String):Object {
      return "";

<mx:SummaryRow summaryPlacement="group"  >
      <mx:fields >
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="fac1"/>
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="fac7" />
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="fac8"/>
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="fac10" />
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="fac13" />
            <mx:SummaryField dataField="facilityTotal" summaryFunction="rmSummaryFunction"/>
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zzynxConnect With a Mentor Software engineerCommented:
You could make your summary function return -999 or whatever special value.
And then a (custom) renderer should take care of rendering that value as an empty string instead of the string representation of the number value
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
>>... summary function should return string data type.
Why is that?
How would you define the sum of a couple of string fields?
tamilselvanmaniAuthor Commented:

I know that summary should return numeric data type.
But i have a situation, where i have to have empty string display on the summary row for a partiuclar grouping.
 How do i do that?
tamilselvanmaniAuthor Commented:
got it
zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
Thanx 4 axxepting

PS. What answer would have deserved an A grade?
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