How to calculate the size of mpeg2 and wmv

I need to do a storage estimation for a conversion from VHS to mpeg and wmv. What are the parameters I need to know to calculate this.? What is the calculation?

As I am new to this area, a step by step calculation would be highly apprecaited.
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Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantAsked:
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>> In your calculation what you are saying is that 1 hr of mpeg2 = approx 4 Gb - is this correct

In my machine, yes.  What you get may be different depending on what resolution you save at and the quality of the encoding and what sound you have.

As for the second that depends on the settings involved and the converter concerned.  Roughly it should be about the same or smaller.

See for discussion.

Probably best to encode about 15 minutes of tape and see what the results are.
More information required.

Are you converting directly to mpeg or wmv or converting to AVI as an intermediate stage?

How large are your VHS tapes (running time)?

What size do you want them in, PAL or NTSC?

Calculations for my tapes
Roughly going from VHS to AVI an hour tape will probably consume approximately 100 Gb of hard disk space.

Roughly a 2 Gb AVI file holds about 1:30 minutes worth of film.

Converting the AVI to mpeg for that 1:30 minutes will give about a 100 Mb file so a 1 hour tape would be about 4 Gb.

These tapes don't have sound so if sound was included the size would be much larger.

Note that quality of the conversion can also affect the size as well as the tools involved.
Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantAuthor Commented:
1. converting directly to mpeg2 and from there batch convert to wmv.
2. VHS running time = average 1.5 hrs
3. No size specified. mpeg2 for archiving and wmv for web streaming
4. How do i calculate directly from VHS to mpeg2 and then from mpeg 2 to WMV
In your calculation what you are saying is that 1 hr of mpeg2 = approx 4 Gb - is this correct
this is still at estiamtion stage, so no idea of the quality
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