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I have been asked to implement a VPN for a customer and I was thinking of using the SSL Extender as this will be clientless. I know there will be a license cost for SSL Extender

Is there any limitations with apps in using the SSL Extender over the Client based option like SecuRemote ?
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deimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you cannot generate your own license, then you may need to go through your CP provider/reseller.  Those guys will be able to create eval licenses for R65 for you.
Not as far as I am aware of bud

SSL Network Extender can work like secure client (including allocation of office mode IPs, the only main difference is that it will use TCP port 443 and is licensed differently (but you already know that bud)
skywalker101Author Commented:
Would you choose SSL over the other VPN Option ?
It depends bud

Whatever suits your needs best to be honest.

The SNX approach is normally easier to educate your users for as well as the fact that most internet hotspots (ie hotels and airports etc) will allow HTTP and HTTPS out on their nets, so SNX is suited for the more restrictive networks out there that prevent IPSEC and IKE

It really is a matter of preference here.

Perhaps try an eval of both and see which one suits your needs more
skywalker101Author Commented:

Any idea were I can get the eval, I have checked the CP Website tryme products, They are all R70 and software blades.

I'm currently running NGX R65
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