VirtualBox WinXP-image keeps on rebooting

I have two different XP-guest-images that are restarting in a loop. They can start in safemode, but not normal.

I have tried to play with the settings. Turning ON and OFF almost everything I see.

Now I asked the person making one of the images to start from scratch. He did that, but I get the same result.

Tell me what you need of LOGs etc. to help you help me !! Thanks!

PS: I give this one 500 because I am in a hurry! These images are supposed to work tomorrow.
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hke72Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the bug after choosing F8 on startup and "Disable automatic restart on system failure"
Then some Googeling and wolla :
The problem was that the images were created on DELL M4400 with a certen CPU and then transfered to other PC's where it did not work.
What is the exact host system?
Was virtualbox release?
What exactly do you call "loop". Does the XP shutdown? Or crash? Or does virtualbox crash completely?
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