ASP.NET MVC Routing to Controller Sub Folders

I'm a classic ASP/PHP developer that's learning ASP.NET. Because of this and because of the fact I have experience with MVC from CodeIgniter I've been looking at ASP.NET MVC.

I'm looking to eventually redo our current classic ASP application in ASP.NET. The application is quite large and I would have a lot of controllers. In CodeIgniter you can create a sub folder inside the controllers directory. So say I had a subfolder in my controller folder called admin which then had a controller called users I could access the add method by going to:


It would be a lot tidier if I could do something like this with ASP.NET MVC. I've searched around on the internet and found a few solutions that people have come up with but I'm not sure I know enough to make an informed decision on the best way.

Is there a method that is generally accepted to be the 'best' way to do it?
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Richard LeeSoftware EnthusiastCommented:
A generally accepted best way? I'm not sure if there is, however I have found using attributes on my controller actions to be a useful way.

As your website if fairly large either you have to create standards when naming routes within your controllers otherwise you can based on the example above build a repository for your routes.


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