Outlook Appointment wrong duration

on some user accounts i experienced problems with appointments originated from different external sources. The appointment duration is always from "now until the end of the appointment".
For example if i create a appointment for tomorrow 10 pm until 11 pm, the appointment will be set to now until 11 pm tomorrow at some clients. this only happens if the appointments are coming from external sources.
It doesnt matter neither if i access the appointment via OWA, Outlook nor via blackberry.
Using exchange 2003 sp2.
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markpalinuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Does it work correctly using OWA to an another internal user?

You can get a free gmail account and then use google calendar to create a meeting request - I would test with that to see if it works.

I had worked in an environment where the gateway anti-virus servers were windows 2000 without the dst patch.
I had patched the servers....
anyway all incoming mail looked like had taken an hour to come in from the sender.

I used this tool to look at the message headers to see where the delay was:

I wonder if you have a gateway or something messing with the timestamps on the messages?

When did it start happening? when was the last reboot of exchange , maybe reboot it. check the exchange server event log.

netcrewAuthor Commented:
reboot fixed it.
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