Data Volume power failure

We have 2 Datacore boxes running local and EXP3000 storage arrays.  We had a power outage today that was longer than the UPS could handle.  Now that everything is back online we have issues with the controller showing the disks in an Unconfigure Bad state.  The engineer who is working on this is unsure as what to do.  I am posting this in desperation to see if anyone has had this issue and knows what steps are needed to recover data.
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balwynhighConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved it with some configuration changes.
It depends .. is the datacore using internal RAID controller so you have hardware-based raid, or is datacore using a JBOD controller so you have software-based RAID.  If hardware based RAID, then get into the controller BIOS and take whatever actions are necessary.  

If software RAID, then have datacore walk you through it.  

If you don't have the ability to get support w/o spending a huge amount of money, then you will need to get somebody involved who knows how to reconstruct RAID manually for various filesystem types; and can enumerate metadata and so on, and is familiar with internals of RAID controllers.  You could have anything from a controller that lost metadata to a hung program waiting for human interaction.  Last thing you want to do is make things worse, so your engineer is right in not doing anything that can make it worse.  Expertsexchange is good forum but probably not the best forum when you are down and have a lot of unknowns.  

Alternatives are to go to and probably pay a minimum of $20,000  (You pay by the disk, so $20,000 is about right, but could be more).

Some experts (wink) can be hired if you look at their profiles.  We are happy to answer specific questions for points, but as it is volunteer, you get the level of response that volunteers can provide.
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