How do I use Disk Investigator SAV files?

I am trying to recover a wordpad file from a Vista Home Basic machine.

The file was deleted then deleted from recycle bin.

I have tried all the tools on UBCD4WIN and the only one that sees anything of the file I need is Disk Investigator (v 1.4). It finds about 80 clusters (the file I believe was about 35-50kb). I add all these clusters to memory and then save the files to (external) disk and it is a SAV file. How do I convert this to rtf format? Is it possible? Am I missing something in Disk Investigator?

TIA for any suggestions.  
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
this is just raw block info.  It is neither a file or a group of files.  It is the physical representation of the data on the HDD.   The value is for a developer who wants to use this as part of a manual reconstruction, or for you to just be able to eyeball the data to see if it belongs to something you recognize.

Download a "binary editor" program so you can look inside the .SAV

Scan the disk with getdataback, and if it sees your file, register the utility so you can copy it off the HD.
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