SMSPKGD$ folder not created on 2008 Secondary site

I recently created a secondary site on a Windows 2008 OS, The SMSPKGD$ folder was not created - Can you please advise is there any logs I can check?
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Check the Status Messages in the Primary Site Console
Site Database -> System Status -> Your Secondary Site

Is the Primary Site Server Computer Account member of the local Administration group on the remote server?
Have you installed IIS and configured WebDav correctly?
Here's a guide to configure WebDav:
Also have you installed BITS?
Hal-itosisAuthor Commented:


Thank you for your response, I have checked the Status as per your comments above - There is a green tick over Component status and also Site system status.

In relation to WebDAV and IIS - they are configured correctly, The MPsetup.log ->

<02-25-2010 18:51:20> Installing the SMSMP
<02-25-2010 18:51:20> Passed OS version check.
<02-25-2010 18:51:20> IIS Service is installed.
<02-25-2010 18:51:20> checking WebDAV configuraitons
<02-25-2010 18:51:20>  WebDAV is configured
<02-25-2010 18:51:20> No versions of SMSMP are installed.  Installing new SMSMP.
<02-25-2010 18:51:20> Enabling MSI logging.  mp.msi will log to D:\SCCM\logs\mpMSI.log
<02-25-2010 18:51:40> mp.msi exited with return code: 0
<02-25-2010 18:51:40> Verifying CCM_CLIENT virtual directory.
<02-25-2010 18:51:40> Website path is IIS://LocalHost/W3SVC/1.
<02-25-2010 18:51:40> Connecting to IIS.
<02-25-2010 18:51:41> CCM_CLIENT is currently D:\SCCM\Client.
<02-25-2010 18:51:41> Installation was successful.

BITS is also installed.

oh the share is created as soon as a package is assigned to the distirbution point. is there already a package?
Have you refreshed the status messages?
Hal-itosisAuthor Commented:

Hi Merowinger,

So I opened a call with Microsoft on this as I had checked and double checked that all pre-req's where met in relation to adding Primary Site Server Computer Account member of the local Administration group on the remote server etc...

Also cheers for the link on WebDAV configuration - I had lost some time on that previously so I will note that link for future reference.

So in the end my issue boiled down to the 32bit compatability.
At a command prompt I ran this command that was provided by Microsoft -

Cscript %SYSTEMDRIVE%\inetpub\adminscripts\adsutil.vbs SET W3SVC/AppPools/Enable32bitAppOnWin64 0

I had previously ran this command but with the value 1 instead of zero.

I have now refreshed packages from the Primary server and the share has been created and the packages copied across.


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