Windows Administrator password retrival

Hi All,

A client of mine got paranoid about 1 of her workers over hearing the network administrators password so she took it on her self to change the password, but of course she cannot now remember what she changed it too.

The server is a Dell Poweredge 860 running Small business Server 2003, with 3 SCSI disks in Raid 5. There is also a 750gb SATA drive installed for storage.

I've tried running the normal ophcrack which has worked for me in the past but doesn't seem to be seeing the hard disks. I'm persuming this is cause ophcrack ain't got the driver for the Raid controller,

So my question is 2 fold, what is the best way for me to recover the password and if ophcrack is the best, how do you load a Raid driver in ophcrack?

Thanks in advance for your help
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You need to download a utility and burn it to a bootable cd that will allow you to reset the password. Trying to crack the passwor is like beating your head against the wall, eventually it iwll hurt.
The link that houssam posted may work. I have used many of these and they work most are either free or shareware. Here is another link I trust:
Hope this helps.
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Recovering the password is near impossible. You will need to reset the password. Most of the password reset tools such as listed above will not work, as they are for non-domain controllers.

The process is not easy but is outlined in the following link. I recently did so and it works well. As outlined you need to change the AD restore mode password using Petter Nordahl-Hagen 's boot disk, then create a service that will change the password at boot.
There are very few options on A DC, the only other I am aware of is to buy 3rd party software such as:

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Give RobWill the points ... he is first person to give you correct & complete info.  He beat me to the punch :)
One thing to keep in mind:

If they have encrypted files under that account, and you reset it via this method, you will lose access to those files, pretty much for good, because you break the keypair used for encryption.

Everyone's right on target with the info however: reset, don't recover, with just about any of those utilities.
daraelliottAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay in awarding the points, thanks a million for all the help
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