Conditional formatting in VBA code applies to all rows of a datasheet form

Dear Experts,

I'm trying to re-create the conditional formatting of a field on a form (that is shown in datasheet view) in code, because I want a specific background color that can't be selected in the conditional formatting popup.

However, when I set conditional formatting in code, this field is set to this new custom background color on all the rows of the datasheet, even the ones for which the expression is false.

The attached image shows the Conditional formatting that works perfectly (but with the wrong color) and the attached code shows the conditional formatting that looks perfectly (but on all the rows).

Can you help me?

One remark: the field I'm using for conditional formatting is a drop down combobox where the text in the second column determines which background color should be used for the field. I don't know if this is important, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Keimpe Wiersma
Dim objFrc As FormatCondition
    Dim lngBlue As Long

    lngBlue = RGB(159, 210, 254)

    Set objFrc = Me![FieldName].FormatConditions.add(acExpression, , (FieldName.Column(1) = "SomeTextString"))
    With Me.FieldName.FormatConditions(0)
        .BackColor = lngBlue
    End With

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try changing line 10 of your code from this:
          With Me.FieldName.FormatConditions(0)
to this:
          With Me.FieldName.FormatConditions(objFrc)
Set objFrc = Me![FieldName].FormatConditions.add(acExpression, , ("FieldName.Column(1) = 'SomeTextString'"))

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keimpeAuthor Commented:
Brilliant, thanks!
Set up the conditional formatting as you show in your screen shot in design view. Then in the form's on load event put:
Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.[FieldName].FormatConditions(0).BackColor = RGB(159, 210, 254)
End Sub

I don't know what you are trying to do with the line:
    Set objFrc = Me![FieldName].FormatConditions.add(acExpression, , (FieldName.Column(1) = "SomeTextString"))
It is also missing a closing parentheses.

RGB(159, 210, 254) is extremely close to the conditional format color circled in the attached image.

keimpeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, thenelson! Your solution works just as well. Too bad I have already awarded the points, otherwise I could have split them.

And about the two colors being extremely close to eachother: I know! But this application is designed to run at the graphic design department of an advertising agency. Anytime anything isn't exactly the way they want it, they start shouting "APPLE, APPLE!" at me.
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