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Our current pages are in ISO-8859-1 but when I looked at the pages they are not consistently in that character encoding. What I would like to do is convert our pages to UTF-8 compliant characters. regardless of what character encoding it was before since now our codes have been messed up and contains different encoding types.

What we want is a script that can automatically convert our pages to UTF-8 encoding (Not just the charset) so it will go through all pages and change all characters to UTF-8 compliant characters.
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openaccount1Author Commented:
Hi v2Media,

That question is actually a poll question and anything that has to do with the actual recoding or recoding software should be posted here so that we have a separate answer for both and I can distribute points properly.

Also note that I am not a programmer so I may need something that is ready to use. Another thing is that we may have our html pages not consistently in ISO 8859-1 so we need something that can determine what type of encoding a file really is... e.g. it may be a mixed of ISO-8859-1 or Latin 1 or ASCII.
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Sorry - I can't extrapolate the distinction you're trying to make from your questions. I see 4 questions, all the same issue; just worded differently.
There is no program that will do this out of the box. All of the libraries I'm aware of require a source and destination charset. Also Latin1 is an informal name for ISO-8859-1- same thing.

If you fire off iconv at a directory with 8859-1 as source and utf-8 as destination, you should get a good result. ASCII is just a subset of 8859-1 I believe.
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is also Charco which does what iconv does.
openaccount1Author Commented:
We were able to obtain a code that can transform special characters to their entity form however we are now looking for something that can look at pages and then just change them to their UTF-8 compliant form and not just IS0-8859-1 form.
openaccount1Author Commented:

tried the Charco but its not doing it correctly. If from ISO to UTF-8 it is addign the incorrect equivalent. Then from UTF-8 to ISO it is removing the special characters.
openaccount1Author Commented:
found a software where we can do this
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