Writing a printer driver that works with .NET Application

Is it possible to write a print driver that will work together with a .net application

my .Net application uploads documents to a print server and prints a document

basically i want any documents printed to that printer to be uploaded to a server,so in a way it isnt a printer its more of an application but since i want the jobs to look like they are being printed i want the driver to be a printer driver

and the "application" to look like a virtual printer.

in a way all i need to do is pass the path of the job to the upload.net application which does the uploading for me

is that possible?
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Yes, that is possible. Net application would work with any installed in the system printer driver. Good examles are PDF "printer" and Microsoft XPS Document Writer which simulates printer also. And that takes to write a driver according to MS Windows printer driver specs.

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samelaminAuthor Commented:
ok but because i am quite new at this, do you know any good samples i can work with

i need to pass in 4 variables to the .net application. (one is the path of the document) and the other 3 are choices the user gets

any idea if that is also possible?
I am afraid that for a person being quite new at this writing by himself a printer driver for MS Windows is virtually impossible unless he enjoys no schedule and/or timeline. Well, there are some "frameworks"... But the authority is MS and some samples are available in Windows Driver SDK.

To get the idea you migh want to look at links:



samelaminAuthor Commented:
Well I am new to the driver world but i am quite experinced in C Programming so i am quite sure i can pick it up, but yes I am under no pressure and given creative freedom to take as much time as i want.
My superiors know that i am quite new to this and are very understanding which makes me really lucky
samelaminAuthor Commented:
Ok I think i should rephrase my question

Can i write a print driver that creates a PDF document and uploads that document to a server?
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