Copy files throwgh GPO by MSI package

So :)
i need to change several files on my computers.
so is it possible to build msi package and deploy it by gpo?
 thanx in advance
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Vadim RappConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> or not? or it will be installed any way every time and there is no version check?

you are right, there will be version check, and it won't install second time.

One word of advise: since the files are large, create the installation where these files will be external to the installation rather than internal; one way to achieve that is to create so called administrative installation on the server (google administrative installation to find out how). Then each workstation won't have to unpack 100MB from the installation into the local storage, only to copy the file from there into the final destination.
Yes, you can deploy a pkg using GPO. It will get installed on the machines that you have added to a list while defining a policy. It will then get installed when the user logs on next time.

Read this,
Yes this is possible with Group Policy Software Distribution.
I suggest to use Group Policy Preferences (GPP), which can be used easily to create, delete or change files on specific computers.
Check out this GPP guide:

Note: You need the client side extensions installed on the clients
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Andrey_GorohovAuthor Commented:
i guess, i ask wrong question :)
i need to copy files. i want to use for it msi package... and GPO/
how to build msi package which will include my files and destination were this file must be copied...?
what software i should use to build package?
that is my questions :)
Vadim RappCommented:
MSI package usually represents an installed product, which later can be uninstalled. If this is one-time operation, then logon script or seems like much better idea, and it's much simpler. Or you can create self-extracting archive with winrar or winzip and also put it in logon script.

But if you still want MSI, there's extensive list of MSI-authoring tools at
Andrey_GorohovAuthor Commented:
it is not one time operation... it will be repeat some times...
this files is big (about 100 Mb). so i need to check version. and if MSI with "this files" version already installed (files still same), i don't need to copy it again...
or not? or it will be installed any way every time and there is no version check?
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