Best ISCSI Storage

I started off thinking I know exactly what equipment I wanted, I was going to get 2 QNAP TS-809U-RP, but then I started ready of the open discussions, and a lot of people talked about the how they lost the iscsi connection in high network usage. I don't know if it's a setup problem, or the equipment. I need advice on what would be the most reliable ISCSI storage within a budget (10,000). I want to buy two of the storage devices for replication. I plan for them to hold VM's (Hyper V) and to be in a failover cluster.
This is what I'm considering. I haven't found any much else that is within my price range.

Buffallo TeraStation™ III iSCSI
HP X1400 Network Storage

Any advise, suggestions for equipment, or experience with these this kind of setup?
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Well if you can't find good equipment in your price range, maybe you need to adjust your price range...
IPByteAuthor Commented:
I was asking for advice on what to buy, not to be told how I need more money, and take your comments elsewhere.
What is your budget 10,000 or 1.000?

Lots of NAS reviews here...... I would look at the synology DS1010

iSCSI Write to Target

iSCSI Read From Target

If your budget is larger netgear has some larger rack mount devices that are considered vmware ready
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

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Have you consider looking into HP Lefthand iSCSI or Datacore's SanMelody iSCSI solutions I've used both product and you can setup real time replication for data protection. Check them out.
IPByteAuthor Commented:
My budget is around 10,000 - 15,000
Check out these devices  Dell also has small Equalogics but I cant seem to find the prices.

Netgear ReadyNAS 3200 around  5,000 - for 12TB


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