Windows 7 Icon Font Color Change After RDP

Hello, I am running windows 7 on my work PC. At night, I usually login from home using RDP/VPN.

The next morning when I come in - the font colors on my desktop icons change from their usual black - to white.

If I log of f and on again - its back to black. But it's really annoying. Can anyone help?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does your home PC have a different colour scheme or display res to the one at work?
Different OS?
Please state the work OS
If you use a none default colour scheme on the work  it will  move to default
 Administration Tools Kit has a tool "Remote Desktops" that allows you to maintain a remote desktop settings
kmk2123Author Commented:
Hey Merete,

 Both PC's are running Windows 7 Pro - but do have different color schemes. THey likely have differnet display resolutions as well. I'll check out that link thanks.
Glad I could kmk2123
And Happy Easter 0o0o
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